Zack Friedman

Zack Friedman |CONTRIBUTOR

I have spent my career as an investor, executive and entrepreneur. I worked at Blackstone and Morgan Stanley and as an investor at a multi-strategy hedge fund. I served as CFO of a global energy company and on several boards of directors. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. I also worked at The White House for the Chief of Staff to the President. I founded Make Lemonade to help empower people to save money, reduce debt and build wealth. From paying off student loan and credit card debt to growing investment and retirement portfolios, I write about how to make the most of your money and achieve financial freedom. I have my pulse on financial markets and want to highlight the best strategies for personal finance and investing. I also cover innovative companies that are industry game changers and how they can help you save money. Follow me on Twitter @zackafriedman.

I focus on personal finance, investing and financial freedom.