Peter Lyon

I write about automobiles and games.

From a career that spans nearly 30 years, I have written about automobiles, innovation, games, luxury lifestyles, travel and food. Based in Tokyo since 1988, I have scribbled about all things Japanese for publications including Car and Driver, Edmunds, Top Gear, Autocar, The Sydney Morning Herald and Herald Sun. I have published a book on Japanese car culture in Japanese and plan to get an English version out soon. I also host a bi-weekly TV show called Samurai Wheels on the country’s national broadcaster NHK World. In 2010, I competed in the Nurburgring 24-hour race in Germany co-driving a Lexus IS-F with the creator of the world’s biggest selling driving simulator game Gran Turismo.

  • 世界が仰天した「日本車の変な名前」ワースト7 名前が男性器の車も

    筆者は過去約30年間にわたり、日本の自動車業界を中心に執筆活動を行なってきた。日本車の車名にはオデッセイやランドクルーザー、MX-5など、他のどんな言語に訳してもクールな響きを持つものも多い。しかし、なかには「一体なんでこんな名前をつけてしまったんだ?」と思わざるを得ない名前があることも事実だ。ここ ...