Brad Templeton

I founded ClariNet, the world's first internet based business, am Chairman Emeritus of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and a director of the Foresight Institute. My current passion in self-driving vehicles and robots. I worked on Google's car team in its early years and am an advisor and/or investor for car OEMs and many of the top startups in robocars, sensors, delivery robots and even some flying cars. plus AR/VR and software. I am founding faculty and computing chair for Singularity University, and I write, consult and speak on robocar technology around the globe.

  • 米「自動運転シンポジウム」に集結した世界トップ企業の主張

    米フロリダ州オーランドで7月15日から開催された、自動運転に関するシンポジウム「The Automated Vehicle Symposium 2019」は、オーロラ(Aurora)CEOのクリス・アームソンが司会を務めるセッションで幕を開けた。自動運転の技術開発に特化したオーロラは、これまでに6億 ...