Karen Higginbottom

I write about the junction between being human and the workplace.

I’m a freelance journalist who writes about HR (human remains as I like to call it) and employment topics for Thomson Reuters GRC and supplements for The Times. I began my career as a reporter for HR trade journals in the U.K. before branching out in 2004 as a freelancer for U.K. Nationals such as the Guardian and Independent. Over the past 13 years, I’ve written on diverse subjects ranging from the dearth of women on the board to the more frivolous but fun subject of whether office romance hinders productivity. I love exploring quirky and unusual trends in the workplace but my writing has touched on more serious subjects such as leadership development, recruitment, reward and performance management. In my spare time, I've also worked as a communications consultant for NGOs.

  • 従業員に「感謝すること」が会社の利益になる理由

    「従業員に感謝すること」と「従業員の生産性やエンゲージメント(熱心な取り組み)」との間には明らかなつながりがある。求人情報サイト、タイムスジョブズ(のTJインサイト部門が実施した調査によれば、従業員の35%以上が、自分の仕事が認められないことが生産性向上の最大の障害だと考 ...