Ken Roberts

I analyze export-import data, connecting it to trade policy, life

I didn’t leave the womb thinking I would find my life’s work writing and speaking about trade data, trying to make it interesting and relevant. But this is where I find myself. Today, the company I founded in 1998, WorldCity, has published annual TradeNumbers publications around the country, from Seattle to Miami, Los Angeles to New York and numerous points in between. Monthly, we upload more than 6,000 pages of Census data at, on hundreds of airports, seaports, countries, and export and import commodities. I serve on the Federal Reserve’s Trade and Transportation Advisory Council. In the last year, I have spoken about trade in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Laredo, Miami and Chicago. I also post a weekly Trade Matters video. I don’t expect you to fawn over it like I do, but I hope I bring a little clarity, a different perspective or some insights that are helpful.

  • トランプが歴訪のアジア各国、「重要度」低下したのは日本だけ

    ドナルド・トランプ米大統領が10日間をかけて歴訪中のアジア各国の中で、米国の貿易相手国としての重要性が大幅に低下しているのは日本だけだ。日本は20年ほど前、米国にとってはカナダに次いで最も重要な貿易相手国だった。米国の貿易取引に占める割合は、12.87%となっていた。世界は当時、その約50年前に米国 ...