Jim Collins

I have researched stocks for 22 years

I have researched stocks for 22 years, starting fresh out of college at Lehman Brothers and then moving to Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette. At DLJ I was a Senior Analyst following US auto parts companies before relocating to London to originate DLJ's European Automotive coverage and then moving to UBS. I had a decade of sell-side experience, attaining the CFA designation. After years of growing my own portfolio, I founded Portfolio Guru LLC three years ago. I construct portfolios for my clients on a fee-only, separately-managed basis and write about small stocks in my newsletter, MicroCap Guru. My work is also featured on Real Money, the premium portal of The Sanskrit root of "Guru" combines "dispel" and "darkness." I invest solely for individuals, and for them I try to dispel the darkness that emanates from Wall Street. My friends enjoy poking fun at my nom de stock, and when I am not Guru-ing, I enjoy spending time with them, outdoor activities, and sampling NYC. I can be reached at

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    電気自動車(EV)メーカー、米テスラの株価は10月3日、終値が前日比2%高となった。前日に公表された2017年第3四半期(7~9月)の同社の生産台数から、この値動きを予想した人がいただろうか。新型の「モデル3」の生産台数は同期、目標の15%程度にとどまった。イーロン・マスクCEOが示した当初の計画が ...

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