Joanne Shurvell

I'm a London-based writer covering travel, food and culture.

I moved to London from Canada in 1996 to escape the cold winters and for a job with a British book publisher. Since then I've been Marketing Director at various publishers, including Oxford University Press and Orion, an online shopping mall, and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The latter post prompted me, with business partner James Payne, to open PayneShurvell, a contemporary art gallery in Shoreditch, East London in June 2010. Although we closed the Shoreditch gallery in 2014, we continue to organise exhibitions and represent artists in temporary locations. When I'm not running PayneShurvell, I write on the arts, culture and travel. In addition to Forbes, I've contributed to Garageland, High50, Huffington Post, Yahoo, World Travel Guides and Zoomer. I'm also the arts and travel feature editor for Demagazine and a member of the Foreign Press Association. My photographer partner Paul Allen supplies the photos for our travel features which often include a music or art event and our travels have taken us to under the radar music and art festivals in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. In 2013 we won a French press award for a feature on the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. I am the co-author of the Citysketch series of books which includes London, Paris and New York, published by Race Point and I'm the author of Fantastic Forgeries: Paint Like Van Gogh to be published in October 2016. Follow our adventures on Twitter at @jshurvell and on Instagram at @joshurvell and @andfotography.

  • 「世界で最も健康的なワイン」 英国で発売

    赤ワインは長い間、心臓病や脳卒中のリスクを下げる効果があるとされてきた。心臓発作を防ぐ方法として赤ワインを勧める医者はいないだろうが、米メイヨー・クリニックは「ワインには心臓の健康向上効果が期待できるとみられる。赤ワインを含め適切なアルコール量を摂取する人は、心臓病のリスクが低いようだ」と指摘してお ...

  • サビルロウ初の女性テーラー、評判広まり今春は米国進出も

    ロンドン・ファッションウィーク(2月17~21日)も終わり、時間ができた筆者は老舗テーラー(仕立て屋)が並ぶロンドン・サビルロウ通りにある、キャサリン・サージェント・ビスポーク(Kathryn Sargent Bespoke)を訪れた。「ビスポーク(オーダーメイド)」という言葉はサビルロウで生まれ、 ...