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Ashira Prossack

I write about Millennials, Gen Z, and leadership trends.

Ashira Prossack is a Millennial & Gen Z expert working to break down generational stereotypes and bridge the gap between generations. Through speaking and training she helps companies understand, engage, attract, and retain Millennial and Gen Z talent, and coaches the next generation of leaders to develop business and management skills and advance their careers. As a Millennial herself, Ashira offers companies an inside perspective into what shapes Millennial and Gen Z behavior and actions. She's known as a Millennial Translator for her ability to connect people across generations.

  • 職場での対立を解決する方法

    職場での対立は必ずしも悪いものではないが、対立を無視するのは絶対に良くない。健全な対立は疑問や議論につながり、新たな考え方や革新的な問題解決法の糸口となる。一方、悪い対立は、従業員のパフォーマンスやエンゲージメント(積極性)に悪影響を与え、生産性も低下させる。健全な対立と悪い対立の違いに注意すること ...