Curt Steinhorst

Curt Steinhorst

I speak worldwide about our distracted lives, and authored the Amazon bestseller Can I Have Your Attention? Inspiring Better Work Habits, Focusing Your Team, and Getting Stuff Done in the Constantly Connected Workplace.

As an (older) Millennial with ADD, I am intimately familiar with the attentional challenges we face. How do we master our own, direct our workforce's and keep our customers’?

I coach founders and CEOs of multibillion-dollar brands how to capture and keep the attention of their intended audiences. My consultancy, Focuswise, helps organizations develop focused and productive cultures, and has proven useful to hundreds of client audiences, including JPMorgan, Southwest Airlines, Ameriprise, MassMutual, the U.S. Naval Academy and even Taylor Swift's record label.

Speaking and consulting with such a diverse set of organizations gives me the opportunity to explore what works, what doesn't and how we can pursue what matters in the age of constant distraction.

I have ADD and write about managing attention and distraction at work.