Will Jeakle

I write about what Liberal Arts types need to know to succeed.

I somehow became a bestselling author at age 21, when I penned a bestseller with two Stanford classmates. After college I joined CNN, then launched several media ventures. My current company, Filmateria Studios, develops media for major brands, including Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Zillow, and LinkedIn. I have written, produced, and directed for talent ranging from astronaut Buzz Aldrin to actor Ed Helms to Bill Nye, the Science Guy. I led a team that created the YouTube kids’ series Team Marco Polo. My writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, and Glamour. I live in Seattle with my wife, Marisa. My three kids all write, produce, and make people laugh in LA, New York and Seattle.

  • 気難しい社員どう扱う? 3つの対処法

    私の番組制作会社フィルマテリア・スタジオでは長年に渡り、数十人ものリベラルアーツ系人材を採用してきた。中には本当に並外れた人材もいれば、それほどでもない人もいる。私たちは常に、従業員に対して必要なツールや、自分なりのやり方で成功を導けるような自由裁量を提供するよう努めてきた。私は「この人のために働き ...