Lipi Roy

I'm a doctor who writes about addiction, nutrition and mindfulness.

I am a physician board certified in addiction medicine, currently serving as medical director of an addiction treatment center in New York City. I am also a clinical assistant professor at the NYU Langone Health. Previously, I served as Chief of Addiction Medicine for NYC jails including Rikers Island, overseeing substance use treatment and recovery services at the nation's second largest jail. Prior to moving to New York, I was a primary care doctor to Boston's vulnerable homeless population among whom the leading cause of death was drug overdose. I also served as an attending at Massachusetts General Hospital and faculty at Harvard Medical School where I taught Clinical Nutrition and The Healer's Art. Featured on CNN and Charlie Rose, I am a sought-after, charismatic speaker who has been published in the Huffington Post, STAT News and, and featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Cooking Light and My mission is to educate and empower the public to make healthy decision through my website, articles, YouTube channel and public speaking. My diverse public and global experiences in addiction, homeless health, incarceration, evacuation from Hurricane Katrina and medical relief to earthquake victims in Haiti have given me a unique perspective which I enthusiastically share with the public!

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    もう耐えられない──。医師である筆者は診療室で、数えきれないほどの患者たちが静かに、恥ずべきことであるかのように目に涙をためながら、そう打ち明ける言葉を何度も耳にしてきた。6月上旬、自ら命を絶ったファッションデザイナーのケイト・スペードと人気シェフのアンソニー・ボーデインもまた、それぞれの最後の瞬間 ...