Nick Morrison


I’m a freelance journalist specializing in education. My career so far has taken in regional and national newspapers and magazines, including Forbes, The Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. A lot has changed since I started covering education as a wide-eyed junior reporter in the early 1990s, not least the role of technology in the classroom, but as long as perfection remains just out of reach there will be plenty to discuss. I’ve been hooked on news since setting up a school magazine at 15, but these days I stick to reporting and let someone else sell the adverts, set the crossword and staple the pages together.

  • 世界大学ランキング、上位2位はともに英大学 米国さらに後退

    昨年の世界大学ランキングでは、米国が初めてトップの座を失った。そして今年も再び、米名門校がオックスフォードとケンブリッジの後塵を拝す結果となった。だが、英国の成功は長く続かないかもしれない。英国の欧州連合(EU)離脱、通称「ブレグジット」によって高等教育機関の研究予算は大打撃を受ける恐れがあり、高等 ...