Paula Davis-Laack

I write about stress resilience, burnout, and well-being at work.

I am a former practicing lawyer, speaker, media contributor, and a burnout prevention and stress resilience expert who has taught and coached burnout prevention and resiliency skills to thousands of professionals around the world. After burning out during the last year of my law practice, I changed careers and now study, teach, and speak about burnout, stress, and how to build stress resilience. I completed my master’s degree in applied positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, and was selected to be part of the University of Pennsylvania faculty teaching and training resilience skills to soldiers as part of the Army’s Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness program. I am now the Founder and CEO of the Davis Laack Stress & Resilience Institute, a practice devoted to helping companies and busy professionals create sustainable success by helping them prevent burnout and build stress resilience. To learn more, please visit

  • 賢い女性たちを襲う「燃え尽き症候群」の原因と対策

    次期米大統領候補のヒラリー・クリントンとタレントのシャロン・オズボーン、歌手のセレーナ・ゴメスの共通点はなんだろうか? それは、みな賢く、へとへとになるまで働いた経験がある、ということだ。燃え尽き症候群は、極度の疲労、皮肉な考え方と無力感が組み合わさって生じる慢性的なストレスだ。キャリアの早い段階に ...

  • 「持ちたい感情/避けたい感情」のためにいくら払える? 最も価値がある感情とは

    つかの間の穏やかさや静けさのために、いくらなら払ってもいいだろうか──自分の仕事と4歳になったばかり娘の世話でいつにも増して忙しかった数日前、そんなことを考えてみた。現代の私たちは誰もが、非常に大きな仕事と生活のプレッシャーの下で生きている。私たちは、「多忙依存症」の文化をつくっているのだ。仕事で恥 ...