Prudy Gourguechon

Insights into the psychology underlying critical choices in business

I have been a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and organizational leader (I'm a past President of the American Psychoanalytic Association) for 35 years trying to figure out why in the world people do what they do. Now I work with leaders in business, finance, marketing and politics uncovering and explaining the irrational, emotional and idiosyncratic forces that lie beneath both every day and transformative business decisions. I'm convinced that a perspective that includes understanding unconscious psychological and personality factors prevents stalled strategies and repetitive, costly mistakes. Work in progress includes developing a model of leadership that spells out the fundamentals of character and cognition that a leader with responsibility for fates and fortune must have. See my LA Times op-ed and interview on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell for a preview. I'm also working on a book, Starting Older, to help 65-70-year old's who've achieved most of their life goals answer the question "What do I do now?" Take a look at my free e-book looking at the psychology of investing through a psychoanalytic lens. Please visit my website and follow me on Twitter (@invantageadvis) for updates.

  • 仕事で怒りを感じたら すべきこと、すべきでないこと10選

    ビジネスというものは表面上は、利益や戦略、商品、イノベーション、資本、投資といった運営上のプロセスやゴールがすべてであるようにみえるかもしれない。だが、企業の中核となるこれらの要素の裏にいるのは、互いに関わり合いながら考え、創造し、決定し、実行する個人の集まりだ。ビジネスは関係性の上に成り立っている ...