Diana Hembree

I write about consumer issues, the workplace and fraud

I’ve spent years covering consumer finance, science, health and the workplace as a journalist and editor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I serve as the senior content director for, a Reno-based personal finance website that helps consumers make smart financial decisions. I also worked more than 10 years as a reporter and news editor at the Center for Investigative Reporting and have worked as a senior editor at Time Inc., as a contract wire editor for HealthDay and as editor of the alternative energy journal Bioenergy Connection. I’ve written and edited stories for 60 Minutes, the Washington Post, the Times of London syndicate, California magazine, Columbia Journalism Review, Vibe and many other publications. I also served as associate producer for The Great American Bailout, a PBS Frontline documentary that won a Polk and IRE award for its expose of the aftermath of the savings and loans debacle.

  • 笑わない米ミレニアル世代、「歯の問題」は就職にも影響

    笑顔を見せないミレニアル世代の人がいたら、それにはそれなりの理由があるのかもしれない。米国歯科医師会(ADA)の調査結果によると、米国の「笑わない」若者たちは、“苦痛の世界”に生きているという。歯の痛みだけでなく、歯の状態が悪いことによる不安も抱えているのだ。ADAによれば、 ...