Andrew Brennan


I discuss sports and everything related. When I have time, I like to write about current events, political science and international issues. Not being a conformist often gets me into some form of debate. Perhaps I am a contrarian or a wayward rebel with too many causes, but as long as I create discussion and stir debate, I am contributing to free thought. I've been involved with digital media, print, radio, and television, and even ended up on the trail of a few questionable power abusers in Bosnia. I haven't seen it all. I haven't done it all. I am a young adult living and traveling through like many others but I aim to provide intriguing and engaging journalism as I go.

  • 中国サッカー界が直面する窮地 技術不足とバブル崩壊の危機

    北京にあるスポーツバーは毎週末、大賑わいを見せている。中国のプロサッカー1部リーグ「中国スーパーリーグ(CSL)」を取り巻く熱気の高まりは、習近平国家主席が国を挙げてサッカーを強化しようと企業にCSLへの投資を奨励してきた結果だ。政府の支援もあり、CSLの存在感は国内外で大幅に高まっている。そして、 ...