Sara Zervos

Founder, BizzyChicks: helping women be financially smarter & inspired

Sara is the Founder of BizzyChicks, a social media endeavor where successful women from the working world share their knowledge and stories in order to educate young women on financial literacy issues and inspire them in their careers. "Women Who Have Made It, Helping You Make It." Sara holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Rochester, and a B.A. in Economics from ASU. She managed large portfolios for over 15 years, specializing in emerging markets. Most recently, she managed over $20 billion in assets as head of the Global Debt team at OppenheimerFunds. She was a portfolio manager at various hedge funds, worked as a Senior Financial Economist at the World Bank, published as a research analyst on the sell-side, and taught finance at the university level. Sara also held seats on the Federal Reserve’s Foreign Exchange Committee, UBS Research Advisory Board, and Emerging Markets Trading Association Board.

  • 退職後の外国暮らし、適正を判断するための重要なポイント

    米国の50歳以上の国民のうち、およそ40万人が現在、外国で生活しているという。隣国であるカナダに住む人もいれば、インドなどの離れた国で暮らす人もいる。退職後の移住先として検討する人が多いのは、メキシコや中米の国だ。だが、ポルトガルやスペイン、タイ、マレーシアなどの欧州やアジアの都市以外にも、退職した ...

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    部下が昇給を要求するのを目の当たりにした上司は大抵、身をこわばらせ、頭を抱え、時に怒りやいら立ちすら感じるものだ。キャリア設計と報酬についての話し合いはチームと組織全体の成長にとっても大切なこと。だがそのための心の準備が出来ている社員は少なく、話し合いを台無しにする初歩的ミスや、容易に避けられる間違 ...