Bill Whalen

I’m a Hoover Institution research fellow specializing in national and California politics — the horse race that is the 2016 election, the health of the two national parties and what’s in store for America in what’s shaping up as one of the more unique elections in the nation’s history. Prior to coming Hoover, I served as chief speechwriter to former California Gov. Pete Wilson. Before that, I covered politics as a journalist in Washington, D.C. I’ve also advised numerous political candidates, a few of whom actually won. I was born inside the beltway, but fate and a lot of lucky breaks delivered me to Northern California and Stanford University.

  • ヤマ場を超えた米大統領候補者レース、今後の展望は

    米大統領選に向けた民主、共和両党の候補者指名争いは3月15日、「ミニ・スーパーチューズデー」を迎えた。予備選や党員集会が12州で一斉に行われる序盤の最大のヤマ場、「スーパーチューズデー」に続く同日の5州での予備選の結果を受け、両党の候補者レースは今後、どのような展開をみせるのだろうか。共和党:14人 ...