Rob Kaplan


I am the Founder and CEO of Circulate Capital, an investment management firm dedicated to incubating and financing companies that prevent the flow of ocean plastic waste to the world’s ocean and advance the circular economy in South and Southeast Asia. I have two decades of experience in corporate sustainability and impact investing with industry leaders ranging from Walmart to Closed Loop Partners. I invest capital to catalyze connections between global supply chains and sustainability, circularity, innovation and infrastructure. My focus is to remove capital barriers to the development of waste management and recycling infrastructure, and to support realistic and innovative solutions to plastic pollution.

  • 投資するなら今 インドのリサイクルと循環経済に期待できる理由

    中国の廃棄物輸入禁止令「国門利剣(ナショナルソード)」の実施に続き、インドは廃棄物輸入禁止の抜け穴を閉じたところだ。こうした状況で、世界のリサイクル業界の一部が変化を遂げている。中国に続き、インド経済は世界の海洋プラスチック問題の非常に大きな一因となっている。同地域のリサイクルと廃棄物管理セクターが ...