Amy Nelson

I write about how women are redefining the future of work.

I am the founder and CEO of The Riveter, work and community spaces built by women for all. I left my career as a corporate litigator in 2017 while pregnant with my third daughter in three years. The startup's growth has outpaced even WeWork's first years, and we recently closed a $5 million Series Seed led by Madrona Venture Group. The Riveter is redefining the future of work by including women in the vision. After I graduated from Emory University and NYU School of Law, I practiced corporate litigation for over a decade in New York City and Seattle. I also served on President Obama's National Finance Committee and previously worked with President Carter's The Carter Center. I’ve spoken across the world on many stages, including Cannes Lions and the United State of Women. I was featured on Bloomberg Technology with Emily Chang and published in The Washington Post. The Riveter has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Bloomberg Technology, and more.

  • 格差解消は100年後? 賃金の男女平等に向け加速する米企業

    米国で4月2日は「Equal Pay Day(同一賃金の日)」だ。これは女性団体や労働組合などで作る「全米賃金平等委員会(NCPE)」が1996年に始めたもので、この日付は「男性がある年に稼いだ額と同じ報酬を得るために、女性が翌年のいつまで働かなければならないか」を示している。この他にも、白人男性と ...

  • 女性の産後復帰を阻む「職場での搾乳」問題

    米国の企業社会にさまざまな性差が存在するのは周知の事実だ。米国では、白人女性が稼ぐ額は男性の78%で、有色人種の女性になるとその額ははるかに少ない。また報酬調査サイト「ペイスケール(PayScale)」の調査からは、男女のキャリアは比較的平等な立場でスタートするにもかかわらず、キャリア中盤で役員レベ ...