John Winsor

I am a leading thinker, advisor and entrepreneur building platforms in the marketing, media and innovation industries.

I develop strategic marketing and product innovation work based on collaboration, co-creation, open innovation and crowdsourcing. Today, I spend my time helping leaders make the transition from closed to open systems. I worked as the Vice President and Executive Director of Strategy and Innovation at Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Later founding, and serving as the Chairman of Victors & Spoils, the world’s first creative advertising agency built on crowdsourcing principles, which sold to Havas where I was Chief Innovation Officer for two years. To take my thinking on open systems further I recently founded a new company, Speakeasy Guild, an on-demand platform for marketing and advertising expertise. Follow me on twitter @jtwinsor.

  • 2017年は「ストーリー」型マーケティング終焉の年に

    今年は、マーケティング界が激変した年として歴史に残るだろう。私たちは、放送広告モデルに欠陥があることをついに認め、デジタルメディアやソーシャルメディアが未来のコミュニケーションの肝だと認識した。またブランドは、放送メディアのみを通してメッセージを制御することができなくなった。ブランドは「ただ一つの声 ...