Alisa Cohn

I write about leadership, start-ups and the leadership journey

I am an executive coach who works with startup CEOs, co-founders and executive teams. I also work with large, Fortune 50 companies to help groom their executives. I am an MBA, recovering CPA and former start-up CFO. I lecture at Harvard and Cornell Universities and the Naval War College and I am the Executive Coach for the Runway Accelerator Program at Cornell NYC Tech. I’m also on the Entrepreneurial Advisory Council of Cornell University. My areas of focus are: Leadership Development; Scaling your Start-up; Executive Presence; Power Influence & Charisma; Decision-making. Reach me at and follow me @AlisaCohn.

  • 「サンドイッチ」式フィードバックはもうやめよう

    マネジメントに関する法則とされるものの中で、私が嫌いなものの上位に入るのが「サンドイッチ」式フィードバックだ。これは、フィードバックをするときはまず相手を褒め、その後に批判的な言葉(つまり本音)を伝え、最後にもう一度褒める、という手法だ。これには善意的な意図がある。指摘を受ける側の衝撃を和らげたり、 ...