Keld Jensen

I write about negotiation, behavioral economics and trust.

I am the managing director of MarketWatch Centre for Negotiation Ltd., an associate professor at BMI, CBS-SIMI, former chairman of the Centre for Negotiation at Copenhagen Business School and a speaker and consultant. I’ve written 23 books on the topics of negotiation and business communication and contributed to many mainstream and trade news publications such as the Christian Science Monitor, Inside Supply Management,, and, among others. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with world-class organizations such as Discovery Channel, Microsoft, Canon, Novo Nordisk, ThermoFisher, Rolls-Royce, IKEA, various governments, Unicef, SABMiller and PricewaterhouseCoopers. I am adjunct faculty at Thunderbird University. In 2015 and 2016 I was nominated among the 100 Top Thought Leaders in Trust globally.

  • あなたを操るために「サイコパス上司」が取る7つの行動

    これまでの複数の調査から、管理職の5~10人に1人がサイコパス(精神病質者)であるとの結果が示されている。つまり、全ての管理職の10%以上にサイコパスの可能性があるということだ。何と恐ろしいことだろう──。私たちは交渉の場において、サイコパスに分類されそうな多くの人たちに出会う。少なくとも、サイコパ ...