Megan Bruneau

I help you take steps to succeed and like your life a little more.

I'm Megan, a mental health therapist, wellness coach, writer, and podcast host. I have a master’s in counseling psychology, a bachelor’s in psychology and family studies, and have worked in the fitness, yoga, and nutrition industries. After years of perfectionism-fueled depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, I discovered how to like myself, take risks, and find success without beating myself up to get there. This game-changing shift allowed me to leave my "golden handcuffs" job at a college counseling center in Vancouver, and move to New York City to pursue my dream of sharing what I’ve learned with a greater audience. I write about how you, too, can develop a relationship to yourself where you motivate from love rather than fear, experience authentic happiness, and give yourself permission to follow your dreams and make it big!

  • キャリア追求の道を選んだ女性が「つらい瞬間」5つ

    キャリアが順調で充実している女性は、刺激や感謝に満ちた日々を過ごしている。それでも時には、つらくなることもある。今回は、キャリアを追求する道を選んだ女性が直面しがちな5つの困難を紹介する。批判されているように感じるあなたが成功したのは女性だからだと言う人々もいるだろう。あなたは「決して満足することが ...