Paolo Gaudiano and Ellen Hunt

Paolo Gaudiano and Ellen Hunt |CONTRIBUTOR

We believe the future demands a new mindset in which diversity and inclusion are key drivers of successful organizations. Our goal in the work that we do and in writing this blog is to support the leaders who challenge conventional wisdom in order to create world-class inclusive organizations that outperform their competition. Millions are being spent on human capital initiatives, and yet diverse and inclusive perspectives remain elusive, especially at the most senior levels of business. Our solution is BOSS – the Balanced Organization Simulation Software – based on our unique "inside-out" approach to analytics. Honed over two decades of working with global industry leaders such as BP, Eli Lilly, Schlumberger, Intel, Orange, BNY Mellon, NIKE, the U.S. Navy and the Kellogg Foundation, BOSS enables companies to understand the complex ripple effects that result from any diversity and inclusion initiative they choose to undertake. The net result: smart decisions on where to allocate hard-won resources for maximum ROI.

We cover the intersection of diversity, innovation and performance.