Forbes STAFF

Parul Guliani

I write about digital media, journalism, and technology.

As a member of the audience development team at Forbes, I’m helping integrate analytics into the newsroom and working to expand the reach of our brand. I’ve previously done marketing for IBM and for a financial technology startup called DarcMatter, as well as PR and editorial internships for TIME Inc. and the New York Daily News. I graduated from Columbia University with a degree in English and Comparative Literature but took my fair share of quantitative classes along the way. I'm interested in both the editorial and the business sides of media.

  • 世界1.5億人が使う語学アプリDuolingo、ポケモンGO並みの利用率の国も

    人気の語学アプリのデュオリンゴ(Duolingo)が、単語カードアプリ「タイニーカード(Tinycards)」を発表した。単語カードのような機能を持ち、ユーザーが記憶したい事柄のカードを作成し、ゲーム感覚で記憶できるアプリだ。デュオリンゴはこれまで20か国語以上に無料語学コースを提供しており、1億5 ...