Erik Kobayashi-Solomon

I help investors tilt the risk/reward balance in their favor

I am the author of The Intelligent Option Investor: Applying Value Investing to the World of Options and before becoming a Forbes contributor, worked as a hedge fund risk manager, an investment banker in Tokyo and New York, a Market Strategist for Morningstar and as the Director of Research for a financial data start-up in Chicago. My expertise in valuing private and publicly-traded companies has been sought out by top institutions, including the World Bank, and I have appeared as an expert on national TV programs such as The Nightly Business Report. In addition to my work for Forbes, I offer training in equity valuation and structuring option investments to institutional investors, family office managers, investment advisors, and self-directed individual investors as well as offering consulting services to these investors. My focus is on developing a simple, sound, repeatable process to value stocks that minimizes behavioral biases, and in finding ways to tilt the balance of risk and reward in my favor through a prudent combination of stocks and options.

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