Tim Maurer

I’m an advisor, speaker and the author of "Simple Money: A No-Nonsense Guide to Personal Finance." I’m not spouting untested philosophy—I work with clients and advisors as a Wealth Advisor and the Director of Advisor Development for Buckingham Strategic Wealth and the BAM Alliance, a community of investors and advisors who've discovered a better way to take control of financial futures and achieve life's most important goals. Most importantly, I’m living this stuff out in my foremost roles in life as a husband and father. A student of communication, I enjoy the practice in television (NBC's TODAY Show, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) radio (NPR) and print (featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Kiplinger’s and Money magazines, among others).

  • アナログ手帳が電子ツールより時間管理に向く「5つの証拠」

    「バレット(ビュレット)」、すなわち「箇条書き」をうまく利用したノートのとり方のイロハを説いた書籍『バレットジャーナル 人生を変えるノート術』(ライダー・キャロル著、ダイヤモンド社刊)が昨年から大好評だ。ネット上にも「bulletjournal」のコミュニティが複数立ち上がり、今や#バレットジャーナ ...