Saadia M. Pekkanen

I write about the IR of Japan/Asia and outer space security.

I am the Job and Gertrud Tamaki professor at the Jackson School of International Studies, in the University of Washington Seattle. I work on the international relations of Japan and Asia, with a special interest in outer space governance, security, and policy. I co-chair the U.S.-Japan Space Forum in partnership with the Mansfield Foundation, which brings together Japanese and American officials, experts, and private sector stakeholders to deliberate on the prospects for coordinating space policy and governance in peaceful ways. My latest books include The Oxford Handbook of the International Relations of Asia (Oxford University Press, 2014); and In Defense of Japan: From the Market to the Military in Space Policy. I am also the founding director of the Jackson School Ph.D. program, the country’s first accelerated and applied doctoral program in international studies. It aims to train and “grow” subject-area experts of critical interest to national, regional, and local communities in the United States and beyond.

  • 宇宙進出をめぐる新たな競争 ― 他国の成果が対抗意識に拍車をかける状況に

    宇宙開発は軍備増強と表裏一体であることを考えれば、衛星攻撃兵器(ASAT)がテストされ、航空宇宙産業の専門家の口の端に上ることは不思議ではない。しかし、世界各国が衛星攻撃能力を手にする意欲をあからさまにするようになってきたのは予想外のことだ。そうした公然たる表明は不安の的でもあるのだけれど、自分たち ...