Anna Schaverien

I write about how technology is shaking up the world of retail.

I have written for national newspapers and produced articles on technology and business for The Memo and City AM. I have worked with various consumer companies faced with the challenge of adapting to the modern market, in everything from high street shops to manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods. I am interested in hearing how retail giants and startups alike are improving their customers’ experiences and thriving in this competitive world. Follow me on Twitter: @annaschav.

  • プラスチック容器排除を進めるラッシュ 他社も続く動きとなるか

    英化粧品メーカーのラッシュは先日、マンチェスターに英国初となるプラスチック容器を使わない店舗「ネーキッド(Naked)」をオープンさせた。同店舗ではラッシュのヘアケア商品、バスボム、シャワージェル、スキンケア商品などを、プラスチック容器を伴わない状態で購入することができる。ラッシュは、環境を損なうこ ...