Barnaby Lashbrooke

I want to help you work less and achieve more

I have spent years researching techniques on how to achieve more in less time, testing productivity hacks, and looking at the psychology behind efficiency. A lengthy period of burnout so crippling it almost cost me my business and damaged my health taught me the hard way that hard work does not yield greater success. This widely-accepted concept is costing entrepreneurs, and economy, dearly. I transformed my own business, Time Etc, from an abject failure into a global success story, which is on track to hit $10million in revenue. The business has changed the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs by liberating them from more than two million tasks and saving them almost 500,000 hours to spend with their families or growing their businesses.

  • 米国の歴代大統領に学ぶ、時間の有効な使い方

    オバマ前大統領には在任中、仕事用の「制服」があった。灰色か青色のスーツしか着なかったのだ。オバマはヴァニティ・フェア誌に対し、その理由は日々下さなければいけない決断を減らすためだったと語っている。「私は決断する回数を減らそうとしている。食べるものや着るものについて、決断したくない。他に決断すべきこと ...