Robert Mauterstock

I focus on the issues facing baby boomers and their adult children.

For over 30 years I was a financial advisor working with hundreds of families to help them reach financial independence. About ten years ago I sold my practice and decided to focus my efforts on a passion I had developed during those years. I became very concerned about parents’ inability to communicate their wishes and concerns to their adult children. In too many cases I saw the tragic results of this lack of planning. As a result I have spoken to groups all over the country and written four books dealing with the importance of intergeneration communication. I have been a Certified Financial Planner since 1987. I received my BA degree in Social Psychology from Princeton in 1968 and a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Connecticut in 1975. I served as a Naval Aviator from 1969-1974. My most recent project is training financial professionals to become Certified Elder Planning Specialists.

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    高齢の親を巻き込んだ金融関連の詐欺行為は、米国でますます問題になっている。こうした金融犯罪の90%は驚くべきことに、高齢者と個人的に関わりがある人が犯すものだ。その中には親戚や介護者、医療従事者、弁護士などが含まれる。高齢の親たちがこうした不正行為の対象となっているのはなぜだろう?1. 保有資産が集 ...

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