Cheryl Tiu

I write about travel and food and everything in between.

I’ve been a lifestyle journalist for 14 years. I started as a youth correspondent for a Philippine newspaper when I was still in high school. Today, I am most active on my blog,, and maintain positions as editor at large of Lifestyle Asia Magazine, a columnist for the Philippine Star, Tastehunter for World's 50 Best Restaurants and Bars, writer for CNN Travel, author of the first Wallpaper* City Guide for Manila. I founded an events platform called Cross Cultures, which promotes the exchange of cultures through food, and work closely with Michelin-starred restaurants, World's 50 Best, Asia's 50 Best and Latin America's 50 Best restaurants, and food movements. I’m technically based in Asia but these days you can also find me in Miami and New York. You can reach me on Twitter at @cheryltiu or on Instagram at @chertiu

  • 「アジア最高のバー50選」発表! 日本から8つがランクイン

    シンガポールの「Manhattan Bar」が、2年連続で「アジア最高のバー」に選ばれた。ウィリアム リード ビジネス メディアが選ぶ「世界最高のバー50」のアジア版は今年が3回目の開催だが、今回初めて授賞式が行われ、受賞者が発表された。台北の「Indulge Experimental Bistro ...