Lance Salyers

I write about leadership while mixing my careers and my metaphors.

I bring the rigorous analysis and creative communication skills of the courtroom into the leadership space of the corporate boardroom. I currently serve as an executive with LexisNexis after a successful first career as an award-winning criminal prosecutor. This atypical path has given me a unique insight into the possibilities and pitfalls of modern corporate life and organizational leadership, particularly as it relates to people and communication. In addition to my day job, I put my passion and creativity to work speaking (most recently at TEDxDayton) and writing about the fundamental IDEAS of great leadership: Integrity | Discipline | Excellence | Accountability | Simplicity.

  • 「自分のボックスを描く」 英王子の婚約者M・マークルの生き方

    昨日、人種の異なる男性との間に子どもをもうけた友人が、先日ヘンリー英王子との婚約を発表した米国人女優、メーガン・マークルの話をフェイスブックで共有していた。黒人の母親と白人の父親を持つマークルは、2015年のファッション誌エル・マガジンの記事で、7年生(日本の中学1年生に相当)のころの体験を次のよう ...