Marshall Brown

I write about leadership in building a sustainable plane

I am Co-Founder and President of Save the Great South Bay. Our 12,000 person group draws from towns along Long Island's South Shore -- committed local citizens, baymen, paddle boarders, surfers, sailors, boatsmen, fishermen and marine scientists who have all come together to breathe life back into a dying bay so that our children and grandchildren can fish, clam, swim and sail as they had. I am also host of Water Matters, a show about Long Island and the environmental crises it faces. Raised by scientists, I have great faith that we can build a planet we’d want to live on. Every aspect of our lives will change in the next few years – food production, energy, transportation, housing, employment, medicine, education – what can and should the world look like then? When it comes to building sustainability, it is go big, or go home! We have work to do.

  • 「地元愛」を環境保護に活用 村単位で広める持続可能な漁業

    地球を持続可能な場所にするための取り組みは、一つ一つの村ごとに行わなければならない。自分の出身地を大事に思わない人はいないし、私たちは全員コミュニティーの持続を望んでいる。私はこれを、環境保護に取り組むNPO「セーブ・ザ・グレート・サウス・ベイ」の設立・運営を通じて学んだ。私たちは、今日世間を分断す ...