Stan Phelps

I write about the future of CX, Tech, and Employee Engagement

I’m an author, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator focusing on customer experience, employee engagement, technology, and purpose at I have a JD/MBA with over 25 years of agency and brand experience. I am looking to shift a business paradigm: Focusing on the customer and their experience, instead of the chasing the prospect. I also believe you can’t have happy enthused customers without happy engaged employees. Culture is an ongoing commitment, not a campaign. My six books about customer experience and employee engagement are called Purple Goldfish, Green Goldfish, Golden Goldfish, Blue Goldfish, Purple Goldfish Service Edition, and Red Goldfish. They all focus on the little ways to drive differentiation, increase loyalty, and promote positive word of mouth. I am based at The Frontier in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. You can email me at or call me at +1.919.360.4702.

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