Falon Fatemi

I write about company building from the front lines of Silicon Valley.

I’m CEO and founder of Node, the Account Based Intelligence platform that’s making the 1:1 sales and marketing dream a reality and driving tomorrow’s contextual web. I worked at Google for 6 years as the youngest employee of the company, where I focused on global expansion,, and building strategic partnerships for YouTube. As a business development executive, I next spent 5 years advising entrepreneurs on everything from infrastructure to drones. From the front lines of Silicon Valley, I write about company building. Follow me on Twitter @falonfatemi.

  • 職場で女性に求められる5つの役割、最悪は「母親」

    米国の女性たちは、この数十年で大きな進歩を遂げてきた。だが、それでもまだ平等が実現されない場がある──職場だ。S&P500構成企業の従業員のうち、およそ半数は女性だ。一方で、これら企業の上級管理職に女性が占める割合は25%。取締役では19%に過ぎない。さらに、最高経営責任者(CEO)ではわず ...