Scott Orgera

I am a BBWAA member that has covered professional sports since 1995.

I have been a sportswriter, datacaster and stringer covering multiple leagues including MLB and the NFL for almost a quarter-century. I've worked thousands of regular season games and events as well as a Super Bowl, several World Series, two MLB All-Star games and the NFL Draft. In addition to Forbes, I also provide coverage for the Associated Press,, STATS LLC and Sports Press Service on a regular basis. My work has also appeared in Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus, as well as on The Hardball Times and Fangraphs. I contributed to the production of the 2019 Baseball Prospectus Annual and was an Associate Editor of BP's 2019 Futures Guide. I am a member of the Baseball Writers' Association of America and manage the social media accounts for the BBWAA's New York Chapter. In addition to sports coverage, I've written about the latest in computing and technology for Lifewire (formerly since 2007. I can be reached on Twitter @ScottOrgeraNYC or via

  • 10の数字で振り返るイチローの偉大なキャリア

    シアトル・マリナーズの外野手イチロー(45)は3月21日、正式に現役引退を発表した。日本のメガスターは、自身の野球人生が始まった地で、最後の試合に臨むことを選んだ。メジャーで放った通算安打数は3089。野手として開幕戦に先発した選手としては、歴代2番目に年長の選手となった(最年長は2004年の開幕戦 ...