Andrew Rossow

I write on social media crime, technology, privacy & digital currency

I am a criminal defense/internet attorney, writer and law professor in Dayton, Ohio. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. As a millennial, I’m able to provide a unique perspective on social media crimes that occur on social media platforms, as well as advocating for the growth of new technologies and digital monies, while balancing the privacy risks associated with buying into such areas, as it affects its users, specifically young children, millennials, adults and businesses. I studied on Semester At Sea in 2011, traveling to 12 countries, including Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, India, Vietnam, China and Taiwan, studying how technology affects children and young teens in these countries in comparison to the U.S. I also work as a consultant for ABC, FOX and NBC across Dallas and Ohio on the latest news in the technology law realm. For more information, follow my #CYBERBYTE series.

  • 価値が一定の仮想通貨「ステーブルコイン」の巨大な可能性

    仮想通貨といえば値動きが非常に激しいイメージがあるが、価値の安定性を特徴とするのが「ステーブルコイン(stablecoin)」と呼ばれるコインだ。ステーブルコインは米ドルなどの法定通貨に対し常に一定の価値を持っているため、資金を安全に保管したい場合や取引所などでの基軸通貨として利用できる。その最新の ...