Peter Tchir

I focus on global macro and current market drivers, with an emphasis on the fixed income markets.

I have 20 years of experience as a trader, structurer, and strategist in markets ranging from Treasuries and High Yield bond trading, to CLO’s, to CDS indices. My unique background has helped me develop a business advising large institutions and hedge funds on markets, and I want to bring those same principles to Analyzing, understanding, and explaining key market drivers is the first step, but understanding how they will impact markets is the ultimate goal. My fixed income background ensures that I spend as much time analyzing and questioning the risk of an idea, as I do on the reward – the risk side of the risk/reward equation is just as important, but is too often ignored. While I focus on global macro, many of the ideas will have a fixed income element, which the proliferation of ETF’s has made accessible to a broader audience.

  • 仮想通貨の購入、決意までのプロセスは「死の受容」と同じ?

    ビットコインもその他のどの仮想通貨も、いまや無視することができないのは明らかだ。金融市場に関する日々の議論の中で、これらが登場しないことはない。仮想通貨には明らかに、それらを固く信じる人たちがいる。だが、一方では声高にバブル崩壊を警告する人たちがいる。彼らはビットコインの価格が100ドル(約1万12 ...