Erik Larson


I am the founder of Cloverpop, a cloud app for better, faster business decision making. I’m also an Illinois farm boy turned MIT rocket scientist, Harvard MBA and decorated U.S. Air Force Captain who ended up part of the Silicon Valley tech revolution. After 15 years building businesses for Macromedia and Adobe, I decided to found my own. Cloverpop is a product of my desire for people to be happy at work, passion for building great products and curiosity about how our brains create our minds, our minds perceive our world, and our world becomes what we decide. Building Cloverpop, I’ve been immersed in the science of decision making, performing hundreds of experiments with researchers at Stanford and elsewhere to understand--and fix--decision making at work. Our research has been published in Harvard Business Review, and I’m a frequent speaker and writer on both entrepreneurial leadership and the business impact of behavioral science.

  • 多様性とインクルージョンが経営判断を向上 新調査で明らかに

    このところ、職場の多様性に関する課題がニュースになることが増えている。多様性の取り組みの多くは雇用に重点を置くが、たとえ多くの時間と資金を投資しても、何千人もの従業員を抱える企業の変革には何年もかかってしまう。しかし、その変化を早める方法もある。全ての職務レベルで、経営判断を下す過程に多様な従業員を ...