Nathan Lewis

I write about monetary and tax policy for the 21st century.

I run a small private investment partnership, which invests globally with a macro theme. I would say the study of economics is best done in the tradition of the gentleman economists of the past, such as David Ricardo, Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill. Previously, I was an economist and macro strategist for a firm that served institutional investors. My book Gold: the Once and Future Money was released in 2007, and is now available in German, Chinese, Korean and Russian. My opinion pieces have appeared in the Financial Times, Asian Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswires, Worth, Daily Yomiuri, Asia Times, Pravda, Huffington Post, and numerous other print and online publications. I also have a personal website at

  • 「金とビットコイン」の統合決済システムが良案と考える理由

    金か、あるいはビットコインか──この問題はこのところ、特に注目を集めているようだ。多くの人が、世界各国の銀行システムが危険にさらされていることに気付いている。そして、それに「代わるもの」は何かについて考えている。世界中の都市にある集合住宅の空き物件を購入する外国人が急増していることと、各国の銀行が築 ...