Daniel Scott


I am an attorney by trade, but my clients call me the “un-lawyer.” After spending over 12 years at some of the most acclaimed law firms in the world, I set out to create a new model of law firm and launched Scott Law PLLC, with the mission of reinventing the business of law. I serve as the trusted legal advisor to high-net-worth individuals, families and businesses, with a focus on estate, wealth and legacy planning. As a musician and writer myself, I have devoted a significant portion of my career to the estate, wealth and legacy planning needs of musicians, actors and other entertainers, and have written and spoken on these topics extensively over the years.

  • 遺産を相続する子供と「お金の話」をすべきでない理由

    最近の米国の家庭では、ほとんどがセックスやドラッグ、政治問題をはじめどんなことでも話し合うらしい。だが、お金の問題は依然として、数少ないタブーの一つだ。米経済専門放送局CNBCによると、「富裕層の90%は、子供が相続することになる金額などについて教えない」という。ただ、資産管理アドバイザーや専門家ら ...