Leonhard Weese

I cover information security, privacy and Bitcoin.

After my studies of economics in Vienna, I moved to Asia to study statistics at Hong Kong University. Through work in a young data mining startup, I deepened my interest in data security and privacy. Since 2012, I have been organizing the local Bitcoin meetups, which have since evolved into the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. We educate ourselves, the public and all interested parties about the uses, potential and risks of Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies.

  • 中国でのビットコイン違法取引に「重罪」の可能性 現地企業指摘

    ビットコイン関連で今最もホットなテーマの一つにあげられるのがICOだ。ICOは“Initial Coin Offering”の略称で、従来の株式市場のIPO(新規株式公開)に相当する。ICOは非常に大まかに言うと2つのプロセスを経て行われる。まずは、特異なアイデアを持つスター ...