Nishtha Chugh

I write about energy needs of the developing world and climate change

I am a UK-based development journalist with a keen interest in the future of energy in the developing world – home to 83% of the global population. In particular I focus on energy policies of the emerging market economies and their impact on climate change. I have reported stories from five countries and published in The Guardian, BBC World Service, Al Jazeera, Africa News, Open Democracy, The Indian Express and Fair Observer. In 2013, my work from Rwanda won the Guardian International Development Journalism award. In 2016 I was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship.

  • 中国・広州で今注目すべき2つのもの

    中国・広州市は今、北京や上海、香港をはじめとする国内やアジア地域のその他のライバル都市を追い抜き、新たに世界規模の都市として世界に名乗りを上げようと躍起になっているのかもしれない。広州では現在、世界最速のスピードで昇降するエレベーターの速度試験が行われている。市内に建設中の超高層ビルに設置されるもの ...