Megan Giller

I write about food (especially craft chocolate!) and feminism.

I’m a food writer and chocolate enthusiast, and my book Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: America’s Craft Revolution is coming out in September 2017. My blog Chocolate Noise was a 2016 Saveur Blog Awards finalist, and my work has been published in The New York Times, Slate, Zagat, Food & Wine, and Modern Farmer, among other places. I offer private chocolate tasting classes, host Underground Chocolate Salons at shops across the country, and am a judge at chocolate competitions, including the International Chocolate Awards. Currently based in Brooklyn, I’ve written extensively about the food scenes in both New York City and Austin, Texas.

  • 高額なものは50万円 人気ショコラティエが手がけるチョコ彫刻

    ニューヨークで人気のコーヒーショップ FIKAを営むショコラティエ、ホカン・モータンソンは、言うなればチョコレートの彫刻家だ。「フレーバープロファイルに溢れる作品を創る芸術家のようだ」などと抽象的な意味合いではない。彼は文字通りチョコレートで彫刻作品を創るのだ。モータンソンは、およそ15年前に彼の師 ...