Aliza Licht

I write about how to leave your mark.

I’m a twenty-year fashion industry veteran and the author of LEAVE YOUR MARK. In November 2016, I joined alice + olivia as their EVP of Brand Marketing & Communications. Previously, I was the long-time SVP of Global Communications for Donna Karan International, responsible for overseeing their worldwide strategy. But perhaps you know me best as my former alter ego, DKNY PR GIRL®, a Twitter personality that I created and was the voice of, from 2009-2016. LEAVE YOUR MARK is a virtual mentorship that teaches career success through building one’s personal brand. Breaking news: You are your own brand, and how you manage that brand can make or break your career.

  • 「鈍感力」強化で職場ストレスを減らすための7つの行動

    私たちは自分に起きる全てのことを、「自分自身」のことだと捉えてしまう傾向がある。だが、それはうぬぼれというものだ。職場では、感情を持たずにいられることも必要だ。「無感情」でいられかどうかは、私たち自身の資質に関わる問題だ。ただ、それでも「鈍感」であろうとすることは可能であり、そうなるために自分自身で ...