Bethany Lampland

I write about owning your career and improving your management skills.

I am the first chief operating officer at one of New York City’s largest and oldest nonprofits, with nearly 2,000 employees serving families in need. I’ve learned the hard way how to manage teams, inspire colleagues and do a lot with a little. My career journey has been circuitous, with stops along the way as divergent as corporate law firms and children's charities. Through it all I’ve learned to think expansively, take risks and truly own my career. I have degrees from Northwestern University and The University of Chicago School of Law and have received an equally important education from many everyday professors of life.

  • 「スニーカー時代」のビジネスカジュアルとの向き合い方

    職場に何を着て行くべきか、その判断はより難しくなっている。米国ではどのオフィスでも、ますますカジュアルな服装を認めるようになっているが、それは「プロフェッショナルに見えなくても構わない」ということではない。職場の「服装規定」が曖昧になってから働くようになった若い労働者たちの中には特に、職場で認められ ...