William Vanderbloemen

I cover topics about having a strong faith and building a business.

I am William Vanderbloemen, CEO of Vanderbloemen Search Group, an executive search firm that helps churches and faith-based organizations find their key staff. As an entrepreneur, I’ve combined over 15 years of ministry experience as a Senior Pastor with the best practices of executive search to provide faith-based organizations with a unique offering: a deep understanding of faith with the very best knowledge and practices of professional executive search. My passion is helping leaders of faith build, run, and keep great teams. Hiring was my number one issue and roadblock as a pastor, and is my number one focus as an entrepreneur. There is a path to having a serious faith and building a serious business. In this blog, I’ll share what I’m learning as I journey farther down that road as a man of faith and devout entrepreneur.

  • 起業家がワークライフバランスを忘れるべき3つの理由

    よくワークライフバランスという言葉を目にするが、仕事には忙しい時とそうでもない時があり、どちらかというと自分の「ワークライフリズム」を把握することが大事なのではないだろうか。例えば何らかのイベントがある時が最も忙しいと考えがちだが、実はイベント後に新旧の顧客から問い合わせがくる時期が重要で、より一層 ...