Douglas Bulloch

I write about the political economy of China and its major industries

I taught Masters students in International Relations Theory and International Politics at the London School of Economics, before moving to China in 2011. Prior to that I worked on the commercial and financial side of Enterprise Oil Plc based in London which was taken over by Royal Dutch Shell in 2002. I have a PhD in International Relations from the LSE, an MA in International Relations, and a BA in Economics and Middle Eastern History from SOAS in London. I have been writing about the political economy of China since 2014 for CKGSB Knowledge, published in Beijing. I live in Hong Kong and take an interest in both international politics and the business and economic questions that put it in perspective.

  • 中国が悩む「クオリティの限界」 イタリアに流出する繊維需要

    中国の化学、合成繊維の生産量は世界全体の60%以上を占めている。綿の生産量も世界の20%超を占め、昨年はインドに次ぐ規模だった。しかし、綿の生産コストが上昇する一方で、中国の技術や流通面の優位性は他国に劣り、アパレル分野での苦戦が続いている。欧州の服飾メーカーは、ウールの調達先を中国からイタリアにシ ...